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Originally Posted by McG_Landscaping View Post
Looks good oaknut! You should have checked out quick signs. They were great
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Thanks man. I'm really happy with how it turned out.

I designed it myself and wasn't sure if it would look as good "in person" as it did "on paper".
It's completely different from my initial concept. I decided to simplify it to allow for better visibility when backing up. I can't see my trailer at all in my side mirrors until it's turned (and by then it's usually turned too far), so I came up with the design you see here.

It was more of a challenge than I expected, as a result of all the little "obstacles" on the glass that needed to be worked around. Every time I turned around I found my design went right where one of those dang "buttons" were. Grrrr...

I was going to use my logo initially, but it would have blocked too much of my view, so I used elements of it - the font used for "Oak Leaf" as well as the leaf graphics. I'll probably be using my actual logo on the side lettering.

The color is Avery Champagne Mist Metallic. It looks different depending on the angle you view it. One minute it looks like a near perfect match of the truck color and from another angle it looks silver.

It cost $65 + $10 shipping.

Oh, and he asked if I had any other "small words" I'd like to have cut from the scrap vinyl, so I sent a file with several things on it and he included 3 logos with the order.
I placed one on my mower.

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