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Originally Posted by yardguy28 View Post
guess I assume every stihl product is the same around the US in that they all require the use of there oil mix to honor the warranty. All of the manufactures don't warranty fuel related problems and using too much oil mix, even if it's too much of the required brand of oil, is a fuel related problem. It's not warrantied.

that's what I've always been told by my dealer. so if the OP is using the stihl bottles how can it be mixed wrong. you add one bottle per 2 gallons of fuel. now I don't actually measure it and I error on the side of having a little heavier on oil than fuel in the mix. You just made my point, you assume everyone adds one bottle per 2 gallons of gas, but Stihl makes 1 gal mix, 2 gal mix, 2 1/2 gal mix, 5 gal mix, & keeps going, and not everyone realizes this and just buys the wrong small bottle assuming all is normal. I've seen folks who regularly buy and mix the 1 gallon mix, accidentally buy the 2 gallon mix and I've seen guys like you buy the 2 1/2 gallon mix thinking its 2 gallon mix. The result is that muffler starts pissing oil and everyone of you believes that it's mixed 50:1, but you can't verify it because you threw the bottle away at the gas station. Again, my experience is that despite the belief that it's mixed properly, the majority of the time, the issue is resolved with trying a fresh verified mix.

but true he could try that first but I wouldn't go taking things apart myself. let the dealer do that.Please forgive me, but you're on a Mechanic and Repair sub-forum!!!!
yardguy28, please see my comments in red above.
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