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At one point I used to get screaming raw, almost to the point of literally bleeding high on my upper thighs. I tried everything under the sun, but the next day I was back in pain again.

Powders were of the most help because in my case it was a damp friction burn. The powders would make the area slick and help keep it drier for a while.

A dry method of healing after work is a good cold shower, a powder application and a cool non-sticky pair of swimming trunks with the mesh underwear in them. Being naked always just seemed to get things more irritated in my case.

I tried boxers, silk boxers, no undies ect...Finally, when I was at the point where I was willing to try anything to solve this, I discovered the problem and an answer....
Originally posted by LAWNGODFATHER
Boxer style breifs.

Keep some spray on hand too.
I was finally desperate enough to inspect a pair of my whitey-tighties and discovered the problem. Seems the fella's were holding the wet cotton undies against my legs to the point where little rough balls of cotton were forming all over them, making sandpaper out of them.

Long legged, snug fitting, light colored boxer briefs and a can of aerosol spray powders really does the trick in healing and prevention.....thank god!!!!

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