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I believe either of the Toro or Honda commercials would serve you well. It really comes down to which dealer(s) you get the impression or through previous experience will support you the best. Last week, I purchased another HRC216, but did consider Toro, Exmark, & Bravo. This was my reason for buying another Honda:

* I notice that about 9 out of 10 LCO in my area use Honda, by so, the local market is flooded with Honda parts and I don't EVER have to order a Honda parts. I can always find what I need within 2-3 calls.

* I typically find Honda parts to be some of the cheapest. I have a Kawasaki engine that sometimes just shocks me on the parts prices, but it's an awesome engine.

* The HRC216 is the devil I know, I can tear them down and be back in action in little time. I know all of it's flaws and how to overcome them. With what ever you go with, stick with it and get to know it.

* The dealers I prefer to do business with are primarily Honda guys and the Toro dealers I just don't care much for, not Toro, but the dealers. I've always felt like these other guys are shaking me down for every penny or just sub-par service.

You'll hear that Honda is underpowered, and even I've at times after using something else that screams and vibrates (Harley effect), then use the Honda I get that underpowered impression for a second, because it's not as loud. But when I step back and realize it's actually cutting and bagging better than anything else, I realize it's more than powerful, so why does it need to be louder to get a less quality cut?

I believe the Honda is just quieter, because it's so heavy and dense that the noise and vibration are absorbed not amplified.

Personally, I like the long and tall bars on the Honda. When testing the Ybravo the bars came up to my crotch and I had to hunch over to use it. Through out the day it took a toll on my back and shoulders.

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