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Originally Posted by POWDER SL,UT View Post
yardguy28, please see my comments in red above.

i'm gonna stick with what and how i do things as my experiences have never been bad when taking a piece of equipment into the dealer for repair.

i use the bottles that are to mix with 2 gallons of fuel. i throw the oil in first and fill up my 2 gallon gas can. and as i said i try to error on the side of higher oil if i error at all because in a 2 cycle engine it's better to have it higher on the oil side than on the fuel side (per my dealer recommendation)

also since i've had nothing but good experiences with the way i do things i'm not afraid to put down on a form what i've experienced.

take my advice or not. i don't really care. but this is what i've experienced and this is what i'm sticking to.
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