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Originally Posted by AWJ Services View Post
The fact is you can only copy and paste what you Google off the internet.

So you are implying that when I or someone else posts a link from that specific state or federal website, I or someone else is giving incorrect information?

Each state has it's own variances of the Federal rules so if you do not live in the same state as the person

Which is why when I post something or ask someone to post a link backing up their statement, I use or ask them to use their state's website.

and you have no experience with th local authorities interpretation of the rules then aren't you posting so called misinformation.

I could care less about locals interpretation. The law is the law and if you ask 3 DOT cops the same question you will get at least 4 different answers. That's why we have a court system, so these DOT cops can not use their own personal interpretation based on how good a day they are having to enforce said laws.

Fortunately in this section most of us who post regularly here have had enough interaction between us too know that we are actually hard working people with a business and are here trying to help each other grow or businesses in a positive manner.

You should pay closer attention then. I've been registered for 4 more years than you have. I have posted in these threads many a time. I was here before a couple of the mods and SA even dreamed of buying it. Back when Plowsite was a subforum of Lawnsite. Bet you didn't know that.

So maybe you are the one who ought to take a look around at someone's posts and how long they have been here.

So we share or experiences in a somewhat helpful manner.

So was I. 93Chevy admitted he mistyped. What I posted was factual information for every single state. Or would you care to post links proving where I am wrong?

So to add validity to your opinion it helps for people too know you.

You're kidding?

If you choose to fabricate an on line persona( which you are suggesting)

That was sarcasm. It's a form of communication. It's used to make a point that is obvious.

For that matter, how does anyone know you are who you are?

There's a few members on here who know who I am, they're even in the same town, can you say the same thing?

then your opinion will just be dismissed as overtime most of us will realize what your true intent is.

Again, not opinion, what I have posted is fact, unless you care to provide a copy or link to where I am wrong. I am man enough to admit it publicly. Just ask Charles, he almost banned me because I called someone out publicly and was wrong about that person. So I apologized in public.

Too cause trouble and stroke your ego.

Really, how is posting factual information causing trouble and stroking one's ego?

Have a great day.
You too!
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