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Toro grandstand / Turbo Force Deck Not cutting bermuda as well anymore!!!

I have a Grandstand 48"/24hp with the mulch kit and mainly use it on bermuda lawns her in GA. I didnt notice any problems last year, but this year (late in season) it started cutting poorly. My description of poorly is it looks like I t not a flat cut all the way acroos the cutting path. Almost like it has two groves. Sorta like the drawing. I

Tire Tire

Now I keep blades sharp, but now have purchased a new set of blades (high lift) 107-3192-03. We have been getting a lot rain down here and the grass is growing like crazy. I have had to raise my deck to 3"-3.5" on some yards. But even at 2.5" - 2.75" it will still do it.
*I checked tire pressure and matched.
*replaced deck belt (440 hrs) on old one
*leveled deck... 1/4 pitch to front. side to side is 1/8 to 1/4 off, but manual says that is with the limits.
*slowed cutting

Did I get a bad set of blades? I check them to be level with the magnamatic balancer?

Is is beacause I'm having to cut the bermuda so high that it does not respond well?

Should I try a different type blade? using high sail now.
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