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Originally Posted by MDLawn View Post
Aaaaanyways, I'm still going to use the geotextile as almost eveything I have read states you should, but will be watching what he told me closely in the coming future. It makes sense to use the fabric so that your base and the fun clay soils do not mix. He made a statement saying that they (whoever they are, I'm assuming Atlas Block) have shown that the fabric becomes clogged over time and that the water gets trapped in the base because it cannot flow out. Again I'm not going to go against hardscaping biblery, just was a little shocked to hear that. DVS you make a point but why would they tell every contractor or joe schmoe off the street wrong information on purpose? They seem to be moving into more of the distributor role than building. Having people getting upset at wrong information would do only one thing and thats kill their sales in distribution. But whatever.

Starting to get a little anxiety of doing this project (first one and having multiple things to complete). But I am also looking forward to try and complete this with the best possible methods. Thanks to my brother for letting me do this, I hope we're still talking when I finish!!
Clogging? For patios? The fab isn't used for water drainage! It's used as a membrane.

Tell that guy he should keep quiet that way all we can do is wonder if he's stupid. Cause when he talks we know he's stupid.
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