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Bought a used Tru Cut 20" w/ Honda engine homeowner model

Took it to local shop who "sharpened" it, turns out they just back lapped it. It is 7 years old and this was the first "sharpening". It has had regular maintenance for the motor. Starts on the first pull.

It does sound a little funny to me. It has 4 chains and a couple have some play in them, but the local shop was going to check that for me.

Here is a vid let me know if you see/hear anything obvious. I found a better place that has the grinding machine and maintains golf course equipment and plan to take it to them after growing season is over, unless it needs to go ASAP.

It does in fact cut the grass, and seems to work perfectly, just sounds weird.

I've never owned or operated one prior to this purchase.

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