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Originally Posted by A Leaf Above View Post
Foord trucks are the easiest to steal ..It takes 2 seconds to do it ....Acouple things you can do is install JIMMIJAMMERS ..These are metal plates that u bolt in behind lock cylinders ..Also the plastic handle assembly can be switched with the metal assemblies ( i HAVE A SCREWDRIVER MARK IN MY METAL ONE NOW ..THEY COULDNT BREAK IT ) ... You can leave cylinder linkage disconnected if you have auto locks ....I even have an inline fuel shutoff that i turn off nightly ..They steal it they wont get far ...The equipment is being bought and sold in the same areas in every city ...Its real bad here ...
Will the Jimmijammers prevent a towing company from being able to slim jim the door when you lock the keys inside? The fuel line shutoff is a good idea. I know a lot of guys that have them on classic cars. They range from a simple valve such as on mower tanks to electronic ones that have a switch hidden under the dash
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