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Originally Posted by GreenIndustryAssociates View Post
1 -YES, the IRS says any company with employees must have an EIN $FREE

2 - I Don't Know about your state, $FREE

3 - Again depends on the State. Here in MA, a company must carry WC on all employees. Having WC on the business owners is optional, but most contractors will require it of subs as well as most commercial properties and HOA's will require it as well $ varies from state to state, insurer to insurer, and by type of work you do. WC is also based off of the amount you pay your employees/the hours they work

4 - Answered your own question didn't you? The signs need to be in a spot that is regularly seen by employees. For our industry, hanging signs in the shop should suffice, particularly if their is a spot where the employees go in the shop regularly. $50+-, a lot cheaper than the fines if you are caught without these.
I don't have a shop. Home office, but no shop. What would I do in this situation?
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