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Originally Posted by Del9175 View Post
I was curious about a viscosity checker as well because I had never heard of one. After about thirty minutes of searching the net I was able to find some info on them. Turns out they don't exist.
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Learn how to use a search engine. Its a two vial falling ball viscometer. Mine is a military surplus from the 50's. One vial is filled with new oil, the other with used. Both balls are released at same time, when one reaches bottom the other is stopped. A scale tells you how it compares to the new. Small manual ones run 250 to several thousand for electronic models. I found mine at a garge sale. If you didn't know what it was you would look right past it. Its a fun gadget and shows how fast the heat wears down oil even with modern viscosity index improvers. I stick to 200hrs max.
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