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Originally Posted by goinggreen123 View Post
Hey guys thanks for looking! I am looking to get out on my own hopefully full time this year, I have been in the business for 10 years now so having experience and providing quality is no issue for me but the getting clients part could be! I just got my first hat and tee shirt made along with 1000 flyers and 500 door hangers I am really planning to hit the streets hard this upcoming week going door to door is it crazy to expect to get one yard for every 30-50 flyers I hand out? I also plan on starting out charging a rate of 30-40 dollars an hour depending on the yard is this too much starting out? Thanks any advice would be appreciated.
start a lawn biz at the end of the summer, thats a brilliant idea! after 10 years of being in the business this is your idea? keep working for the man instead of trying to be the man!
The great thief of opportunity is procrastination!
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