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Gregg is pretty much right on.

One possible work-around would be to install a splitter wye at the pump outlet and running a second 3" line. This will effectively give you more flow capacity than a single 4". A Goulds 2 hp high volume will give you 205 gpm at 25'. It is 230v, which fits in with your existing electric service. This pump has a 4" flanged discharge, hence the reference to the second 3" line. Pump is quite pricey, however....$2800+, but Goulds does make one tough pump.

The Easy Pro TM17500 or TB12000 may also work well in this application. Both are 3' outlet and 230v. Both are considerable cheaper than the Goulds with a 2 year warranty.

I would give EasyPro a call and discuss it with them because they can supply a lot of pumps that they do not list in their catalogue (1-800-448-3873).
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