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Hibiscus NOT Blooming?!?!

Guys.....this is personal.

20+ years this beautiful Hibiscus blooms in my Dad's yard so big you can see it when you turn onto his road.

This year........barely two blooms.

I mulched his yard for the first time ever and even the internet says to mulch it up. The one mistake I made is I mulched it all the way up to the roots!!! Didn't leave the custom 1 foot of no mulch space and the web says I made it hard to breathe!!!

Every year it responds to water. Lack of it and the plant wilts and a good shot of water and it stand back up in an hour. With the mulch this never happened.

I cleared out the area underneath a few days ago and am hoping for an end of the 9th homerun of blooms. Any comments?
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