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I have spoken with all the website design companies I listed above and are compiling their responses. Prior to the conversations, I had not compiled a list of requirements for what I wanted to achive with the project. Upon further thought, here is what I feel are the important items...

Design - 100% Custom - ideas for navigation and pages (Home/About -
Company Page,Staff Page, Owner Page /Services, 6 Service Pages/ Promotions
& Coupons/ Online Payments/ Contact) - I would want the design to be
flexible for the home page so I can promote the service that is most
relevant for particular part of the season - maybe separate
pages/different that I can select for the home page to promote the
particular service.

Easy to use content management system - I would like to make sure, as I
add pages I have the choice to add them to the menu (primarily services).

Customer Access - I am considering adding a view and pay your bill option,
so a secure area for customers to login would be great. I would like to be
able to bulk upload those, maybe by using a spreadsheet and have the data
available for the customer in a user friendly format.

Contact/Quote/Estimate forms that integrate with email marketing, (email
and newsletter template to match website)

Mobile Friendly (maybe even a separate mobile site)

Galleries that are viewable on all devices (no flash) and easlily managed
through the content management system.

Content creation for at least 5-6 pages for the site (primarily services)

SEO - I need to know the cost for preliminary SEO for for my services and
service areas. I think individual geographic and service pages may in
order for a post launch strategy as well.

I also would like to duplicate the site for my winter services (same
layout and design - maybe change colors), use a different logo (Snow
Removal & Holiday Lighting). I will be getting separate domain for this
side of the business.
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