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whats the secret? i do lawn apps only, i think its a bad time to start.. but i got 1000 out roughly, mailed alot of them, handed out some. got some info on my truck window that really stands out. i have gotten no response from any of that. I got one call from word of mouth, and it was a crap lead.. crap lawn, the lady wanted something to be sprayed to kill pine trees, and when i couldn't do it she slammed the door in my face.. lol. i have hit up everybody i know with a lawn, or that has a lawn service like trugreen. no takers. I even offered to do apps at cost, just to get out there.. now, if i was really that bad.. i would quit, but have yet to get my foot in a door for people to find out if i really suck or not.

anyhow, the motivation is down now, far, far from giving it up.. its still what i really want to do. Ric, and others were right, its a horrible time to start.. with this economy. i've been hoping within 7 or 8 years i can go full time. i'm thinking in spring i may just offer applications for free to a few customers if they keep a sign in the yard that says something along the lines of "lawn treated by..."

glad its working out for you, what does your flyer look like?

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Flyers have. Been working preety well guys I have handed out about 50 and Been picked up 3 clean ups and 2 maintenance accounts.
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