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Originally Posted by Duffster View Post
Jimmyjack I'd love to know what you think is wrong.

Junior, we are still waiting.
I guess wrong was the wrong word for , maybe misinformation was a better fit.
All I was trying to get at is when anytime someone asks a cdl related question you get people jumping in on it that don't have they're cdl but they'll tell you all about what they heard from a buddy ,or say something with out posting a link to where they got it......
And yes each state can put they're own twist to the rule and regs of the cdl but for the most part they're the same , but people say what the state they live in rules are as if it's the only way the law is read , and every trooper reads it different

Hopefully I cleared up what I was getting at , I suck at putting my thoughts to the "page"
And because I asked anyone else , yes I have my class A and had since 99 but and as posted above good for me right , you'd have to take me on my word or I could be Bullsh!ting
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