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Originally Posted by StanWilhite View Post
Hey GMLC, considering all of the good publicity, not to mention the amount of good publicity you've gone out of your way to post here on LS, I would think your dealer would be willing to jump thru hoops to keep you happy!

The time you've spent sharing your excitement with other members is something any good dealer should really appreciate....and I would think he would show his appreciation by trying to avoid things like this!

Does he have a legitimate reason for the extremely long delivery it something beyond his control?
The only thing I can think of he is a small dealer so maybe he only places an order when he has a bunch of parts he needs to save on shipping. But I would think Gravely would pay for shipping on warranty parts.

When I bought my mower I was told parts are only 2 days away worse case senario. So far service after the sale has been poor.
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