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Originally Posted by alldayrj View Post
So you cap yourself at 40 hours or a certain dollar amount of revenue each week? You mentioned ipads twice. I dont own one yet but thats a matter of choice. Its only a couple hundred bucks, wouldn't you like the ability to own one or would you rather turn a job down and sit on the couch? If a job is too profitable do you skip it? I try and work more profitable jobs/hours rather than lowering prices to fill the schedule. Just trying to grasp your point of view.
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i do cap myself at a certain number of days or hours a week. not really a certain dollar amount. no i don't skip jobs based on dollar amounts.

my point of view is simple. my prices for services are set at what i need to make to cover my cost of living (needs). my needs don't include things like big screen tv's, rv's, ipads, fancy houses with pools, etc. just your basics. food, water, heat, etc. i do make more than that, and the rest gets saved for a retirement fund i will never use and for a rainy day should something major come up.

my point of view is also i don't try to go out there and get as much work as i can to make as much money as i can so i can have the money to purchase all that stuff. i live simply. sure i have some of that stuff but as i said, i received them as gifts for birthdays or xmas. i'd rather sit on the couch and watch tv than go out work just so i can afford to buy an ipad.

as long as i can put food in my mouth, clothes on my back and a roof over my head i'm good. and thats all the more i'm interested in working.
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