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Originally Posted by ron mexico75 View Post
So Im getting ready to go away for a week. I don't have a crew and do all the work myself. My question is; what do you guys do or what would you recommend I do?

Should I cut it a little shorter then normal on the visit before I leave? Do you just cut it regular and then deal with the extra height 2 weeks later?

What about payment? Since I will be "skipping" a visit would the follow up be considered a double cut? Or, do you just suck it up as a missed week and deal with the extra growth?
I just went away last week myself.

What I did was I worked two days ahead of schedule before I left, then came back 4 days later, and spent 2 days working with 3 other guys, (friends) to finish up and then went back to join the family camping.

Yes, sadly it took 4 of us to do 3 days work in 2 days
Yes it sucked to have to come back, but thankfully we were only camping 2 hours away.

I also am able to pull this stuff off because my customers are given a day to be mowed, however they all understand that sometimes I may be a day or two early or late due to weather, breakdowns or vacation, lol. I am sure if I abused this then many would have issues with it, however so far I have never had issues.

Hope this helps you brainstorm a solution for yourself.

BTW if i was your customer and you skipped me, or missed me one week for any reason and tried charging me more for a double cut I would find someone else. I think that double cut prices are a way of dealing with problem customers only. You know the ones who say don't come this week, or don't come till I call you, etc...

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