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Originally Posted by Dave does lawns View Post
I just went away last week myself.

What I did was I worked two days ahead of schedule before I left, then came back 4 days later, and spent 2 days working with 3 other guys, (friends) to finish up and then went back to join the family camping.

Yes, sadly it took 4 of us to do 3 days work in 2 days
Yes it sucked to have to come back, but thankfully we were only camping 2 hours away.

I also am able to pull this stuff off because my customers are given a day to be mowed, however they all understand that sometimes I may be a day or two early or late due to weather, breakdowns or vacation, lol. I am sure if I abused this then many would have issues with it, however so far I have never had issues.

Hope this helps you brainstorm a solution for yourself.

BTW if i was your customer and you skipped me, or missed me one week for any reason and tried charging me more for a double cut I would find someone else. I think that double cut prices are a way of dealing with problem customers only. You know the ones who say don't come this week, or don't come till I call you, etc...
Yeah makes sense I guess. I will be 350 miles away so no coming back until vacation is over. I guess I'll just deal with it taking longer the following week. Its the last week in August so the grass is growing as slow as its going to be growing around here. Really no other options.

I plan on telling everyone though that I will be out of town. I don't want them thinking I just forgot or skipped them.
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