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I've had a nice career, as many as 60 employees and I've see it all. I coined the phrase "the double wide syndrome". That is where when the employee achieves the nicest trailer in the extended family, they no longer have motivation. I'm way past the people who cry about not having money for rent or gas to get to work, but always seem to have some personal drama that keeps them from ever getting 40 hours or heaven forbid, work overtime. My father always told me "overtime is when they finally pay you what you are really worth". You would be hard pressed to find a young person who does not freak when you ask them to work overtime and they might miss pool night. I've had jealous husbands threaten to kill me because their wife was seeing another employee and somehow it became my fault. Yes, this happened more than once. I've had tires slashed because of terminations, punches thrown for telling an employee to clean up their work area, or quit hiding in the men's room. I could go on... I love having no employees and really like it that way. I have a young man I hire to assist, he needs the work and is always asking to do more. Hired him to detail the wifes car last week, said he's never washed a car before! OMG, he's 18 years old. That is what we're dealing with in this country now days. I'll never condemn an LCO for hiring latino's, you have to get the work done somehow.
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