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my nightmare of a backyard!

bought this as a forclosure for a sweet deal, haven't gotten to the backyard yet..

i'm getting ready to aerate and overseed fescue back here when the weather is right, i applied round-up today.. there is some bermuda back here, gonna try to dig some of it out on one side, other side up on hill i'm gonna try to keep the bermuda spreading. i know i really need bermuda sod back here, however its not in my budget.. i gotta get something going back here.

first picture is the right side, gonna do some sorta beds along fence line all around, on this side.

second picture, there is a nice patch of bermuda at the bottom of stairs, wondering if i would have any luck transplanting it up to the top of hill where i got some good bermuda?

i am gonna be seeding fescue up to about where the bermuda stops.. just to have some grass back there, would be great to have some fescue to practice on as i only have treated bermuda latley.

it is like they sodded the front, then that one part of the back yard, then gave up.. also.. somebody did the same with painting the fence.. gonna be doing a little fence repairing this weekend as you can see..
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