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Originally Posted by DVS Hardscaper View Post
Pretty poor justification and reasoning.

Not being on time or not truthfully communicating is piss poor management. Not the trucks fault. Not the load operators fault. Trucks and loader operators don't answer phone calls and schedule deliveries.

A contractor with guys on da clock can't be waiting an hr. 30 min tops. Top soil is the last thing you do. Not really anything else to fill in time during the wait, other then clean the truck's windows....
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Exactly how I feel. Our normal process is we will call our vendor and place the order a few days a head if we can. We'll let them know a rough idea of the amount of yards/tons we need and weather it will be for the morning or afternoon, to make sure they have the proper truck(s) available in the relative time frame we are predicting we'll be ready for it. Then as soon as we know when we actually need it that fits our schedule (usually the day before) then we will call back and schedule an actual time for them to deliver. If I call the day before and ask for an 8:00 am delivery and they say they can't deliver until 10:00 am, that is fine. I'll work around those two hours. But if they tell me they will be there at 8:00 and don't show up until 9:00, I'm pissed.
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