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Originally Posted by DVS Hardscaper View Post
Pretty poor justification and reasoning.

Not being on time or not truthfully communicating is piss poor management. Not the trucks fault. Not the load operators fault. Trucks and loader operators don't answer phone calls and schedule deliveries.

A contractor with guys on da clock can't be waiting an hr. 30 min tops. Top soil is the last thing you do. Not really anything else to fill in time during the wait, other then clean the truck's windows....
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I understand your frustration, I have lived what your talking about for years. Most of my jobs are rate pay so a minimum hourly is $48/hour. My point is try other suppliers, I would be willing to bet that you will experience the same service at some point.

If your usage is large, like everyday than that will have an effect. The price, quality, quantity delivered is also factors. My point was don't jump to fast, try others and you could end up back were you are, only thing is at that point your current supplier could know that you have given others your business.

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