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Originally Posted by RonWin View Post
i would actually like to know how you guys charge. I guess i would try to guestimate the amount of time it would take but being new is very difficult to find the correct amount of time it would take and so quoting is tough. how do u guys charge? What do you do with cleanups for people waiting until it all falls down and for those that want it done in intervals?
Charge for time it will take you + Profit+ Overhead cost(Gas, Leaf disposal, etc.)

I have No idea what the going rate is in your area so i cant tell you say what it should/ could be.

Nor would me telling you i get $XXX a clean up.. None of which would help you.

For people who wait til EVERY leaf has fallen just makes it easier for you...Give them an estimate when the time comes...Now you dont have to guess on how many leaves will be on the ground. (Takes the guess work out of the job) just gotta know what YOU want out of the job... Then divide it by how ever many times you're going to go there.
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