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I viewed this thread before my last mowing of my own yard. I have some ornamental grass clumps that I assumed were fountain grass (given to me by somebody along the line without the name).

Two days ago I noticed a small patch of lighter green grass that tended to fall over more than the surrounding mix of kbg /fescue, just about the size of a 21", and in the same area I'd parked my mower as I went in for dinner mid mow. I'd wondered if it was from heat/ humidity under the mower as the heat beat down on it. Now I realize it is about ten feet from one clump of fg. I think you've solved my problem too. Thanks guys. This is the first I've seen it spread here, if thats it, in 10-12 years of it being here. And that spots planting is maybe 6 years old.

Bear Fan, had your effloresced? Mine is in near full shade and hasn't yet.

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