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Stop theft using this!

Reading through the Stolen Equipment forum this morning whilst drinking my coffee, I had an idea that could prevent equipment theft. It appears that most theft incidents occur when a padlock and/or hasp get cut with bolt cutters/power tools and a once secured ramp gate is breached.
Consider the following: the locking security on any trailer/truck can only be compromised because it is accessible to the tools required to compromise them. What if the locking security was not accessible to these tools? This would definitely change the game. I propose the idea of doing away with the padlock/hasp system and installing a deadbolt mechanism akin to those on entry doors to a structure. Imagine that you are facing the rear of your trailer/truck with the ramp closed. Along either side of the ramp (about 2" from the sidewall) you would have several deadbolts recessed/mounted into the ramp, with the locking bolt secured into the sidewall. Only the keyhole would be accessible. This could only be compromised by drilling out the lock. Solution? There isn't one indefinitely, but another layer of prevention could be added: Mount a hardened steel plate over the recessed deadbolts. This would serve as a "security hasp" for the keyholes. One would mount it with a hardened steel hinge at the top, and an eyelet at the bottom. Secure the plate with a puck-style lock in the eyelet.
This is not a fool-proof plan, but one where a thief would need multiple tools including a noisy drill, and extra time to pull off a score. You may even want to install one of those battery-operated door alarms on your gate. When closed, two magnets are close to each other. If opened, the broken magnetic field triggers the alarm. Some models come with a "hush button" controller for your keychain.
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