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Originally Posted by JimLewis View Post
We do a lot of valuable services during the winter. But the main thing is to just make an appearance every two weeks and do a few things. So we'll always blow off the driveway, sidewalks, decks, patios, etc. every visit. Then we'll go around and weed. Weeds still grow in the NW during the winter, albeit a little more slowly. We apply winter fertilizer every 2 months. Limestone applications for the lawn twice each winter. Treat for European Crane Fly if needed. Rake leaves as needed. Rake beds just to make them look freshly raked / freshen up the mulch. Apply pre-emergent weed control. We do usually mow and edge once a month, if it's not TOO soggy. Just because the grass does actually keep growing all winter here - albeit only a half inch or so a month. And for all of our Gold customers, we do pruning of all of their shrubs and trees (up to 15'). So we're doing a mixture of any of the above items each visit.
So do you think this would work in places like the north east? Grass and weeds stop growing here end of October and don't start back up until April. I would like to start doing this but I just don't understand how I can justify this to customers. Fall clean ups are done in November and spring clean ups in march. What do I do in dec,jan,feb to justify sending them a bill for those months?
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