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Originally Posted by LGL View Post
Hey everyone, need some direct advice, don't hold back. I have about 60 accounts, work is a wide variety of account style. I would like to start bringing on more of the quality accounts and dropping the lesser, also very interested in the medium sized commercial stuff. I have a few now, and its going well, like anyone, would just like more. I have solid equipment, trailer, truck, etc. My thought is a mailer to isolated areas every other month for say 6 months for the residential, not sure about the commercial. Thinking a porfolio and just cold call the places I like. Your thoughts? Thanks for any input.
I did direct mail and got bupkis. Huge waste of money. I would go to your current customers and ask for referrals. In my experience, the customers with nicer yards and that have some money tend to refer more,..just my experience.
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