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Originally Posted by hoozwad View Post
After reading all the glowing reviews for the G6 blades, I bought a set a while back to try. With the standard Exmark blades (p/n 103-6403), if I didn't mow twice a week, I didn't like the look of the amount of clippings left on top of the grass. I was hoping that the G6 would allow me to mow only once a week without having to double cut. Unless I need to make some other adjustment to my deck (Exmark Ultracut 60 Series 6), the G6 (p/n 1036403) are worse than the stock blades as far as dispersing clippings. My grass is tall fescue, and I've been cutting at 4.5" due to the high heat this summer. The actual cut is great, and there is no clumping under the deck, but the clippings are dispersed (or not) into clumps about 1 row over. Sorry for the ignorance, but this wasn't what I was expecting. The grass was mowed when dry, and I tried with the chute defector both raised and lowered ... and the results were the same. Attached are some pics from my phone, if that helps to identify the issue. Or perhaps, the G6 blades just don't work that well for my deck and grass type.

Any suggestions?
I have several bi-weekly accounts and I can assure you that the G6's won't vaporize the clippings nor reduce clumping issues with your type of deck,especially when you're cutting fescue,been there and done everything imaginable with those G6's,doubles ,low lifts,mid lifts but G'6s on bottom with a low lift on top gave the best over all cut,along with dispersal when double cutting.
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