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Originally Posted by spitfire3416 View Post
So do you think this would work in places like the north east? Grass and weeds stop growing here end of October and don't start back up until April. I would like to start doing this but I just don't understand how I can justify this to customers. Fall clean ups are done in November and spring clean ups in march. What do I do in dec,jan,feb to justify sending them a bill for those months?
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I don't know. I'd have to spend a winter there to see what it's like in the winter. People say our grass doesn't grow all winter either. But that's not true. It actually grows a good 1/2" or more each month. People are just in denial because it's so dreary outside nobody wants to go out in it.

If I were you, I'd do some "creative research". By that, I mean investigate what your competitors are doing. Go on the web, make some calls, go to the yellow pages and call your competitors and see if any of them do the year-round thing. (Press *67 before you call.) If you find that absolutely nobody offers a year-round service then I guess it's going to be an uphill battle. But if you find a few that do, ask them what they do in the winter. Then start with that and over time see if you can figure out a few more things that are needed to add to your service.
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