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Originally Posted by GreenBlade View Post
Okay, so I took that one back and got a new one. Dumped the gas the dealer put in for me, and put some fresh mixed 93 w/ the pre-measured STIHL oil for 1 gal. & THE SAME THING IS HAPPENING! what the hell is wrong! I like STIHL & I like this trimmer a lot, but maybe I'll be going red max or echo.
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don't know how good of a dealer you have but I would expect the dealer to work with until the issue is COMPLETELY resolved. even if that means taking the second one back.

the fact that both of these trimmers aren't even a week old SHOULD be in your favor.

I wish I could help more because the fs70 is a great trimmer besides the plastic housing design. you have to undo the throttle assembly every time you want to remove the outer plastic shell.

as I said I haven't had your issue. I use 87 octane with the grey 2 gallon mix.
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