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Hi Everybody I thought I would update you on what i decided to go with. I went with the toro heavy duty. Sorry to disappoint you Honda guys. I just bought them a few days ago and I love them!!! They are fast, efficient, and cut great! I bought two of them they are a little spendy but overall I am very pleased with the decision. My supplier carries toro and not Honda. I didn't care much for the Honda dealers I talked to. My supplier has been very helpful and has gone out of their way to help me out. I decided to stay loyal to them and buy from them. I really like the Kawasaki kai engine, its strong and runs like a champ! the bbc is my favorite feature, its convenient and saves time. I will lets you know more on how it preforms over the rest of the season and i will post pics here soon. thank you everybody for your input and experience i appreciate it!!
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