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Some other things to consider:

1. Don't go off of just looks. Many people do this and then end up with a site that "looks good to them", but can be horrible in terms of SEO, mobile viewing, and even different browsers/OS's, and worse a pain in the rump to change later without doing a complete "remake"

2. When deciding how much to spend, this will be a 24/7 ad and intro to you business to perspective customers. Now this is me, and not everyone is this way, but when I look to hire someone for doing services for me, I take in consideration in how much they present themselves. Being a web developer, I can easily see where people take shortcut or "cheap it out" with a site, and that always make me wonder, "will they do that in the service they provide me?" Again, that is me, I know I'm weird LOL

3. There will be those who swear one way is better than another here and "if anyone tells you different don't listen". Fact is that that there is always alternatives, and great tools can be horribly used, and not so popular tools can do fabulous results if set up right.

Think of it in terms on the service you provide. If I buy a house, and want to do a new landscape design, sure I can do it myself, find all kinds of guides online, but it will take dedication and time to get a very good result (and during that, I may make mistakes and have to redo things).

Now if I compare it to paying someone to do it for me, who already knows what they are doing, and should be doing it right the first time, and while they are doing that, I can spend my hours doing other things. How much is that worth to me?

Granted there are other factors like maybe I want to learn to do it myself, which I'm leaving out of that ;-)

Also just like the comparison of me going and hiring someone, I wouldn't just go hire someone based on work of their I saw from the street. They can make it look pretty today, how will it look later in the year, next year? I'd want someone with good references and a track record of what they can provide.

Good luck on your search, it's not a simple decision for sure, as it should truly an investment for your business, not just a "oh I also have a site" thing.

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