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I went out to a job an hour away to tell the guy if it was being done right, it turned out that the contractor went in and put stone dust on top of the grass 1" to 2" thick, then laid the pavers. the driveway they took up the pavement and started to spread stone dust, they didn't dig it up and redo the gravel. the patio in the back was 5 inches thick on one side of stone dust on top of the grass and the other side was 2 inches thick. the steps, the contractor said to the customer they glued it all together so it won't go anywhere. they put in natural stone carved steps, on top of only 2 inches of stone dust on top of the grass.

can't wait to go tear it all out and redo it. have to wait for the guys tha are doing the job to finish so we at least have all the materials. the customer already paid them a significant amount of money so the customer is allowing them to finish so they at least get the the interlock.

can't wait to go out there and do this job. i will take some pictures and show them when i get out there. i couldn't believe t the worst i have ever seen.

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