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Originally Posted by pete edwards View Post
It's my second year in business and just found this site this year. I'm currently serviceing 60 to 70 yards a week with one helper. Business is growing quickly but i'm starting to have some customer collection issues. I will try to resolve this next season with contract only customers but I'm not sure that will fix the problem completely. 99% are good and look out for me but I'm really getting soured by that 1%. Somehow it eased my mind a bit after reading a ton of similar posts by people having the same issues. I thought it was just me. I had a customer come out this week and slam me and my service and it looks like now it may turn in to a no pay. Property was serviced a 100% and on time. Then I learned she was not currently working. Why don't they just be upfront and honest. I did nothing wrong she just does'nt want to pay. Still it really got under my skin.
That is human nature. Hard to face up to the fact you can not afford something.

You will also catch people that upset you. I am only so good with these types of people for so long before I say something.

You should go visit with one of your better clients after such an event to help you remain focused. There is nothing you can do to avoid these people as long as you are in a client relationship. Just be thankful you are not in a cubicle sitting next to them everyday

I would not see contracts service agreements (SA) as the cure all either. I have very few frankly and they do not mean much IMHO. The benifit of SA is if they are a good client, they want lots of service and you are willing to give a flat monthly rate to them.

Having said that, this year I have noticed more and more people are right out sayin, we can not afford more than bi-weekly service. Mowing lawns is something they could do themselves, it is a luxury. Many People have not had a raise in 4 years and prices are going up. The squeeze is on.

Some People are just A-Holes and want to cheat everyone.
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