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Originally Posted by Duekster View Post
That is human nature. Hard to face up to the fact you can not afford something.

You will also catch people that upset you. I am only so good with these types of people for so long before I say something.

You should go visit with one of your better clients after such an event to help you remain focused. There is nothing you can do to avoid these people as long as you are in a client relationship. Just be thankful you are not in a cubicle sitting next to them everyday

I would not see contracts service agreements (SA) as the cure all either. I have very few frankly and they do not mean much IMHO. The benifit of SA is if they are a good client, they want lots of service and you are willing to give a flat monthly rate to them.

Having said that, this year I have noticed more and more people are right out sayin, we can not afford more than bi-weekly service. So basically they are saying hey look... I don't have the money to care for my lawn but I'm too lazy to do it I will pay you to do it for half the money for double the work. Mowing lawns is something they could do themselves, it is a luxury. Many People have not had a raise in 4 years and prices are going up. The squeeze is on. The squeeze is on for everyone. My local fuel prices went up significantly in the past few months. Food prices are on the rise. Point is if you can't afford the service don't expect me to do the service for half of what it should be because you are too lazy to do it yourself.

Some People are just A-Holes and want to cheat everyone.
Not arguing with you...just my point of view. I also find that when you bundle everything in a service agreement you sell more services and you get the most out of each customer.

So for me a service agreement is very valuable in that it for the most part eliminates the scumbags while also increasing revenue per customer acquisition. Plus it puts me in control of time of services such as bush trimming weeding, fert applications etc. I don't have to show up and see the fert guy there spraying when I'm there to mow.

I don't have to wait for the customer to decide to clean up the bushes when they are now out of control. I don't have to wait for the customer to decide the leaves need cleaning up when they reach the bottom of the window sills.

More control for me, better scheduling, more profit per customer.... steady monthly income...better budgeting of money and time and on and on....yeah I see no benefit with service agreements.


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