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Originally Posted by Mowingman View Post
I have read studies that show the ave. response rate for flyers/door hangers, is around 1%. So, that is 10 calls/1000 flyers. This does not mean you will get all 10 of those jobs you bid, just that you should average 10 calls.
Everyones conversion rates will vary but if you get 1% response and 3% of those converted then for each client you should expect 3000 flyer's per client.

If you cut the flyer's in 1/2 to get two per page @ $0.05 each page then you are at around $75.00

You then have the cost of delivery. If you pay someone it is up toward $0.1 per sheet. If you do it yourself then closer to $0.05.

Now you are at $150.00 per client.

These are just rough estimates on cost and return.

I would rather buy a smaller targeted demographic mailing list and send out a personal letter. My cost per unit goes up, full postage, letter head, Envelop, time to mail merge letter, print and sign. Hand address envelope. I know people are going to open and read a hand addressed letter with regular postage.
I will have the guys pass out flyers in the off season mostly just to give them something to do. They hate it however so I do not force them to do it. They ask about responce knowing it does not work well and laugh.
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