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Originally Posted by Set Apart Lawn Care View Post
Those numbers are way off, 3000 flyers per client?!? If we pass out 3000 flyers we will get 20-30 REGULAR customers, varying based on time and location. We have done that the last 3 years without fail with very crappy/generic flyers to really nice custom make flyers. Not saying there arent better ways, just that in my experience, those numbers are inaccurate.

If you are a new company and havent tried door hangers, you definately should so you can test your own marketing methods for yourself and know. Remember two things: 1 It does pay to spend a couple hundred extra bucks and have a nicer flyer made that stands out from what all the other guys are putting out, 2 timing makes a huge difference
If you are getting 1% converstion on Flyers then you are doing very well. Much higher than any advertisement company will tell you to expect to respond much less convert to clients.
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