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I use my own guys for the rate pay work we do. Excavating work. We do not hire from the hall because we have are own guys that could use the $50 an hour.

The way it works is this. The pay rate is set by the union for the specif job at hand. You will get the pay rate in the spec book when bidding the job. This pay rate includes the pay and the supplemental pay that includes the benefit package (health care and pension) The split is about 50% / 50% so with my work it adds up too $48/hr. for basic labor in heavy highway category.

You have to pay that rate to your employees if you don't offer pension and health care. You will also have to include a certified parole signed by you with pay role check copies included in your application for payment.

It is not that hard once you get the paper work down.

You will also have to have 10hr OSHA card and so will eveyone working on the job for jobs over $250,000 total.
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