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RAlmaroad I appreciate any advice you guys can give. You were not on my list but as i said "those i forgot to mention knew who they were."

I think your tag line says it all.....

Its funny when the weather is great and the lawns are doing awesome here I still read and try to learn as much more as i can about turf.
But when we have a bad year with 100 degree temps and no rain like this year then i really get obsessed with learning even more. Seems like the ugly looking lawns (those that refuse to water....) really motivate me to do a better job if possible. To find some magic cure for lack of water on the homeowners part.

maybe us lawncare guys should become hypnotist
"you will water your lawn" .... "you will mow your lawn regularly and no shorter than three inches"

RAlmaroad what part of SC are you in? I actually grew up there....
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