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Originally Posted by phasthound View Post

SumaGreen is not a miracle product. It takes some time to work and is not meant to be a one time application. The first application should be at double rate or with about 1/8lb N for quicker visible results. After that it should be applied at 6 week interviews. Those who are using SumaGreen in conjunction with organic based ferts are seeing very good results.

This years results will be compiled this winter.
Yes Barry,
I knew this before I applied it. That's why I said "I don't know what to think" People ask on here because they want to know and of course, everyone would like to see/know results sooner than later. I would like to be able to apply this product this fall in an effort to help the root systems of the lawns here. It has been a devastating year for them. Then use it again in the Spring in the hopes that by then some actual, noticeable good would be the result. It's just difficult to take that "leap" of faith with very little out there to go by other than what their website projects. It's also difficult for me to make an objective conclusion when the lawns have struggled so much this year. They can't help but look better when they get the first little bit of rain they've had in months. Is it the rain or the sumagreen...who knows?? That's why at this point, in all fairness, there's no way I could give it a thumbs up or a thumbs down

I'd really like to see some people that have used it this season post more about their experiences with this product.
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