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Originally Posted by Spreadburylawn View Post
I own Spreadbury landscape, we are out of Hernando County. On Aug. 02, 2012 we got robbed. One of my F-250 , 20 ft trailer, and just under 30,000 in equipment was stolen. We found the truck and trailer within a couple of hours, and of course no equipment. It was found off of I-4 Dover exit on back street. I have heard this has been happening alot lately. I spoke to a couple of companies and all of their trucks have been found in the same general area. They are targeting F-250 up to F-550 because they can punch the locks, so watch your stuff. Does anyone have any ideas who may be doing this, or where the equipment is going.
I read recently that the Mexican smugglers/drug cartels prefer the Ford F250 since they are so easy to steal and they are great for traveling through the desert avoiding border patrol.
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