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Originally Posted by Wet_Boots View Post
The most important thing I learned is that there are some house supply lines that are not fully equipped with tracing wires as a matter of common practice, and it is knowledge that does not make me happy.
that's why i posted the vids on the gas tracker boots. when speaking with the rep the other day i asked about prices? pretty spendy so mainly facilities are buying them.

the rep did say that there was on construction company (in dallas i believe) that owned at least 1 unit, maybe more. he was also telling me that PG&E was acquiring a few for their facilities.

basically you have to have access to the gas itself, the unit connects into the system where it introduces a low frequency into the gas which is located via the receiver. these will allow the user to locate pipe without the aid of a trace wire.

years ago we were required to install trace tape over water, sewer and gas on public works projects. i still have a partial roll of water tape that i use on occassion since you can use a ferro magnetic locator to find the tape in lue of an electromagnetic locator.
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