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Originally Posted by Duekster View Post
Why would someone spray Pre-Em on bare ground where they want to establish grass?
I'm referring to using pre-m once you get the grass to grow... establishing grass in the shade is simple, but one needs to not cause it to decline into non-existance again...
The fertilizer reference wasn't for bare soil either... forcing topgrowth in the shade to get beautiful color is a death nell...

I am referring to the complete lifecycle of the forestlawn as a whole... there are no tricks or gimmicks that one can do to make it work... any deviation from grass' natural ability to survive in a particular environment, reduces its chances of survival... it is a complete package that doesn't involve the typical full sun turf that has become so artificially maintained, that growth in the shade has become an impossible endeavor...

For that reason, the introduction of root inhibitor to forestlawn is a deal breaker...
Now that I know that clay's texture(platelets) has nothing to do with water infiltration, percolation, or drainage
,,, I wonder what does...
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