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Originally Posted by Duekster View Post
Everyones conversion rates will vary but if you get 1% response and 3% of those converted then for each client you should expect 3000 flyer's per client.

If you cut the flyer's in 1/2 to get two per page @ $0.05 each page then you are at around $75.00

You then have the cost of delivery. If you pay someone it is up toward $0.1 per sheet. If you do it yourself then closer to $0.05.

Now you are at $150.00 per client.

These are just rough estimates on cost and return.

I would rather buy a smaller targeted demographic mailing list and send out a personal letter. My cost per unit goes up, full postage, letter head, Envelop, time to mail merge letter, print and sign. Hand address envelope. I know people are going to open and read a hand addressed letter with regular postage.
I will have the guys pass out flyers in the off season mostly just to give them something to do. They hate it however so I do not force them to do it. They ask about responce knowing it does not work well and laugh.
So you are only closing 1 out of 30 calls driven by 3000 fliers? I'd say the 30 calls is pretty good but a 3% close rate of qualified calls seems extremely low. How do you handle these calls?
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