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I had the same deal when I started paying for hosting. Keep in mind i have a design/build firm but we will also do maintenance, I just don't market it that way.

I have not had a single call from my Adwords campaigns.
So far about 130k impressions and right at 130 clicks, so the click through rate is only 0.1%. I think I read somewhere that you should be 3%

Granted it has only been online since about the middle of July, and we have had a drought so noone wants to do anything. I originally had an $8/day budget (halved between two ads). I recently brought it down to either $2 or 4/day just so I'm not spending as much money on it. My cost per click recently is about $1.20. I do get at least one click a day and had as many as 6 one day, all directed through the ads.

I do monitor the other design/build firm's ads and frequently type in various keywords to see who else is popping up. My website is much more simple, clean, and professional than the other local competition. However, as I'm a new company, most of the photos are from my previous job and are projects I worked on and designed while there (used with permission). They were projects from a large city and green roofs. Where I moved to and started this company has a population of around 100k. I'm starting to think the high end projects pictured on my website are scaring people off or that they might think I just stole them off the internet and that I didn't actually work on them.

I don't want to do door hangers, I have cards at one of the local nurseries, and the local paper is simply too expensive to advertise in. BUT the other design/build firms don't really advertise there so I might do it - but the commitment is minimum $1100 for an ad and I am keeping an eye on money with this being a side business for now.
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