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Trying to ID Nightscaping Fixture

I'm having some difficulty trying to ID some nightscaping path lights that a client of mine has. I will try to get a photo later today or tomorrow. But they are definitely the 'Footliter' fixture. They even say so on the underneath side. They also say GD-1409 as well. With nothing at all after the number. So as per the website, this would be the footliter fixture with the black coating. The problem is these are definitely not black.

The website shows these fixtures only being available in Black, Copper, or Stainless Steel. My problem is these fixtures really don't look like either of these options. They really look like brass. I understand copper patinas over time. But these just don't look to me like Copper that has patina on it. It just looks like a nice weathered brass - almost exactly like a Unique Odyssey Series light fixture would.

So either Nightscaping USED TO make these fixtures in brass, or this is just a copper fixture that has patina on it and now looks similar to weathered brass.

I was hoping to get some insight from someone who has a lot of experience with the nightscaping fixtures. Did they used to make a brass?
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